My name is Daniela Casas. Born in Cali, Colombia; immigrated to Canada in 2011, and have lived here ever since. I'm a recent graduate of the Sheridan Bachelor of illustration. I have a profound passion for enjoying life, and I like my artwork,writing and lifestyle to reflect likewise.



“OMG, it’s so amazing!” is something you’re likely to hear the Colombian-Canadian illustrator, Dani, say within your first conversation. This young illustrator explores diverse topics, but not without first steeping them in the strong, sweet brew of her personality. A perpetual positivity can be seen in her smile and her work. She feels strongly about connecting with the people she cares about; her family, friends and also importantly, herself. Always striving to put in the energy that projects deserve, seeing the spectacular in each person and artwork she chooses to work with. She says that photographs are her most treasured possessions, probably because she is happiest when in a moment of joy and laughter with others. You get the feeling from being around her that she wants to live the brightest and most joy-filled life. Like photographs, what better way to capture life than an illustration? It’s the only way to make a moment last longer.

By: Kayla Jackson, illustrator